Alfred Radley Analysis

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It is the year 2835, Alfred, a very well, charming man has just graduated from college and wants to take his talents in astronomy to further levels. Alfred graduated top of his class. His contributions to the school have been great and the college hopes that he will come back and study one day. He is highly talented and hopes to find new places outside of the crowded Earth. Alfred’s goal is to find a new planet that life could travel to even if the travelers came after his time. In another world of his own Alfred’s long time college Rashford graduates alongside Alfred. By, “world of his own,” it means that Rashford gets very distracted and his mind wanders from one thing to the next but when he is focused the gears in his brain are turning faster than the eye can see. This is the reason that Alfred believes to be the reason he overtook Rashford to be the valedictorian of the class. Rashford also is teaming up with Alfred to see what else is out there in our obscure universe. Rashford being a very imaginative person started to think of a new place to explore one day when he was just playing with his little Nasa astronaut action figures when he was little passed down from generation to generation.…show more content…
They wonder what is next to do on their checklist. “Hey Rashford I just want to say that we had a good run in college man.” Rashford says,“I agree, but at some time we need to start our next journey before it’s too late. Alfred and Rashford converse for days about the topic. They find answers but some they can’t seem to agree on them or find a way to execute them. So after a month 's time of constant thinking Alfred and Rashford sit down for dinner. Then they finally come to a consensus. “Hey Alfred why don’t we make our own corporation to discover life beyond our solar system.” “That sounds like a great idea Rashford we can start planning it out as soon as
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