Alfred S. Romualdez Analysis

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People are mostly remembered for their failures, wrong decisions, and wrong words that come out of their mouths. They try to “understand” but in reality they put a baggage tag that says “ What an idiot” or “ Stupid Person” on us. Their judgment is not fairly based since they do not weigh in the positive and negative aspect of each person, even if they say they do. Friendly and warm-hearted people are getting prejudiced, and we just stay here to accept the judgment of other people as our own. This is what happened to Tacloban City’s mayor, which is Alfred S. Romualdez. He is man with good credentials gone baggage-tagged as a “useless” mayor due to some incidents that he was not able to handle, even if the incidents are out of his reach. Alfred S. Romualdez is worthy to be the mayor of Tacloban, even though he failed to secure the peace of the city after the typhoon has battered Tacloban, because of his reputation as a leader and the projects his administration implemented that benefit the city.…show more content…
Alfred S. Romualdez is the son of Alfred T. Romualdez the former mayor of Tacloban city. He is also related to Speaker of the House of Representatives Daniel Romualdez (, to Associate Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court Norberto Lopez Romualdez (, to Mayor Don Miguel Lopez Romualdez of Manila during World War Two ( The reason this family lineage can reinforce his reputation is because he has been exposed to the political landscape of Tacloban before he ran as a leader. He has first hand experience of being with politicians at a young age. He can also ask for guidance if ever he were not able to solve a given situation in his city so that the city can benefit without having anything to lose, such as assigning laws that would enrage the citizens, because he has the wisdom of the
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