Alfred Stieglitz: American Photographer

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Jennie Ivey
Professor Miller
ART 3010
17 Aug 2016 Final Project Essay Week 2
Alfred Stieglitz (American Photographer) He operated three galleries in New York City between 1905 and 1946. He helped unleash the creative energies that would drive American art for much of the 20th Century. Stieglitz edited the associations luxurious publication Camera Work from 1902 to 1917. (AI, Abstraction) Stieglitz was a committed idealist who marched to his own beat, he built a bridge between European art styles and American culture in the early 20th Century. Later, he became a steadfast advocate for a group of American artists who possessed singular outlooks. Stieglitz had with traditional notions of aesthetics, at first wanting to use photography to
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Alfred Stieglitz believed that there was much more to a portrait than the face. He explored this type of work by photographing various body parts of his wife Georgia O’Keefe. In this photo titled, Neck, the sharp lines of the jaw and the positon of the neck draw you into this photo. The glimpse of the fingers balances the photo to draw emphasis to the elements of the lines. It is a modern approach to the style that Stieglitz was well-known for in his work. Alfred Stieglitz. Reflections: Night, New York, print, 1897 Alfred Stieglitz was always interested in photography as an art form. He was also interested in the technical boundaries of photography. In Reflections: Night, the naturally occurring atmosphere was used to create a mood, situating his pictures squarely in the realm of the art world. The weather provided the atmosphere, the fuzzy, soft-focus effects that could double as brushstrokes in a fine art painting. Primary Resources:
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