Alfred W. Blumrosen's Slave Nation

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Slave trade has a great impact on American history. The book “slave nation” by Alfred W. Blumrosen gives an insight of slave labor during the civil war. This book also shows how slavery united the colonies and sparked the American Revolution. The book begins with the explanation of the founding of the republic and Somerset case impact on the republic. This book also explains how and the reasons Thomas Jefferson made few changes in the declaration of the independence. Alfred W. Blumrosen was a former lawyer for a civil rights division of United States department of justice and also has a background in equal employment law. Over many years he developed an interest in the historical causes of racial inequalities in America. His life experiences result is this book, which shows a lawyers view into the slavery of American history. The major aspect of this book is that the American southern colonist’s…show more content…
But, author made a convincing case. This book is well revised and researched. This book also gives an insight of people clearly understood the issue from both sides of the revolution which explains the reader a clear situation of the slavery time period of United States. The arguments in the book “slave nation” are set up in a way where the author explains his views as a lawyer and explains both sides of the problem. This makes the reader easy to understand the point of the American Revolution or slave trade. The author also mentioned that he thinks that the slavery is the reason what made America a united country. The author also mentions that the slavery helped the constitution of United States get into shape. This book explains that the south people were afraid that north would let go off slavery. The north compromises but later the civil war solves the problem of slavery in United States. This war decision is the key for the independence of
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