Alfred Wegener And Continental Drift Essay

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Alfred Wegener and Continental drift It was 1912, and one man named Alfred Wegener was studying a map. He believed that the world looked as though it were one big puzzle, and that the continents could fit together. Then he thought that maybe, a very long time ago, they did. He hatched up a hypothesis. Simply put, his hypothesis proposed that the continents had once been joined, and over time had drifted apart. When the continents were together, he called the supercontinent Pangea. In order to support his hypothesis, Wegener collected data from different scientific fields. He published his information in a book called The Origin of Continents and Oceans. In his book, Wegener presented four different types of evidence. This evidence included geographic fit of the continents, fossils, rocks and mountain ranges, and ancient climate records. The most obvious evidence is that if you were to remove the present-day Atlantic Ocean, the continents would all fit back together. This geographical fit gave Wegener more evidence. Some rock types and fossils were connected at the time of Pangea too. Fossils are the remains, imprints, or traces of once living organisms. Eventually the…show more content…
How could seeds, rocks, and other things from places across the world be all the way across the ocean. The only solution to this is that the continents would have had to drift. There is much evidence to make me believe that his hypothesis is correct. I see how he thought that the continents fit together like a puzzle. If you took out the Atlantic Ocean, they would fit together. Also, very scientist have proven the hypothesis correct. So, that leads me to believe that his theory is correct. I do not believe that the continents were pushed by the same gravity that makes tidal waves, but I do believe the theory that the continents drifted. As you can see, Alfred Wegener was a very smart man who showed the world new ideas about the

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