Explain Wegner's Theory Of The Continental Drift

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According to the textbook, Alfred Wegner proposed the idea that the continents were drifting across the globe. He called this idea the continental drift. He had the idea that the continents were once together forming one big landmass named Pangaea. As Pangaea developed it caused the continent to break apart, and drift to their present locations. To be able to prove this idea however, he had to have evidence to show it was true. If I could travel back in time to help Wegner prove his idea to be true, I would elaborate on the idea of the continent coastlines lining up perfectly together, the rock sequences similarities that appear in different continents, and the climatic similarities that also appear in different continents. Choosing these…show more content…
I would use this idea because it is an idea that provides geological evidence that scientists can test. With the idea that if the continents are really drifting, rocks on one of the edges of a continent would match the rocks also found on adjacent a continent. Using this idea would help prove Wegner’s theory to be true, because although many people may not believe what Wegner hypothesized, it would show that rocks that were in one continent were identical to the others from on the other continent. If continents are separated by ocean water, the idea that the lands were once together, but drifted apart would be true since they have identical rock sequences. It is highly unlikely that an ocean would be bring rocks that go back to millions of years ago, would just be carried all the way across the ocean unto the other continents. Even if scientist still did not believe the theory, following the same type of study with the glacial idea would be the next step to proving the continental drift to be…show more content…
Again, this idea of climatic similarities is based off of evidence that can be proven. Since it is highly unlikely that the entire world was once frozen because of previous evidence found, the continental drift would have to come in affect. Because ice sheets are commonly found in the polar regions, yet there is evidence of ancient glaciation in the lower-latitude regions. These would help scientists realize that at one point the lower-latitude regions were once closer to the polar regions. I would use this reason because it allows past evidence that scientist already know of be compared to new evidence that would be collected to prove the continental drift to be

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