Algorithms In Computer Science

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Abstract—Algorithms are commonly perceived as a difficult subject, which is quite an irony as they have a fundamental role in computer science. Failure to master this subject will inhibit students’ capabilities as they advance to higher levels. Algorithm visualization, as an effort to overcome the problem, has been growing towards gameful visualization recently that is presumed to be able to engage learners longer and more intensely. However, integrating algorithm visualization, game elements, and instructional design is not a trivial task as it requires a careful design. Hence, a conceptual model of how algorithm learning instructions, algorithm visualization, and gamification improve learning outcomes was developed. While instructional design…show more content…
Algorithms are effective, finite, and deterministic problem-solving methods or can be described as procedures for solving problems. Algorithms are very essential for computer science as they are fundamental objects of study in the discipline [1]. Less proficiency in algorithms will likely cause computer science students to face difficulties in completing their degree, as most of computer science subjects have a sense of intrinsic algorithm problems. Their perception of algorithms will affect their current attitude towards computer science as well as their future career paths.
For new computer science students, algorithms are commonly perceived as a subject that is difficult to learn. Algorithms, by their nature, are abstract and often complex, thus requiring high cognitive load to understand them. This problem is similar to a problem in mathematics where much of the concepts can only be accessed through semiotic representations [2]. We call this problem as the abstract barrier and algorithm visualization is one of several approaches that have been conducted so far in order to pass the barrier. Algorithm visualization works by concreting the abstract, so learners can directly interact with algorithms and perceive the
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Serious games [3] and gamification [4] lately are two popular key terms coined that represent this research trend. By using games or game elements, learners are believed to become more motivated and engaged with their subjects and therefore they might improve their learning outcomes. This paper will use the gamification term more often as the umbrella term that comprises both the serious games and the gamification itself, since gamification can be perceived as a process which then can transform a gameless entity into a serious game, a complete gameful entity but with a balance in its inherent characteristics [5], and gamification is a term that is broader than serious games
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