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Alhambra in Islamic Civilization in the 8th century Introduction Three weeks ago, I visited Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. I saw different picture and exhibits that describe and talk about different Islamic eras. One of the exhibits attracted me so much was a picture of Alhambra palace in Granada in Spain. So I decided to write about it and this due to the following reasons. Firstly, I read a lot about in our school History subject when I was at school. Secondly, it represents one of the most Islamic achievements. Thirdly, I visited it two years ago with my family. I found it very beautiful and it is worth to be visited. For all above, I selected this topic to write about it. Research and Description It was so called Alhambra palace…show more content…
The luxury life of the princes was very clear. The building of Alhambra palace shows the skillful of the craftsmen and the architects at that era. It also shows their skills at decorations and design. It reflects the strength and the progress of the people at that reign. The wall-decoration is based around one single ratio as shown in Figure 2. If we use the diagonal to draw a rectangle, and then the diagonal from that rectangle to make another. We get a progression of rectangles. The diagonals in this sequence are in fact the square-roots of 2, 3, 4 and 5; a magical sequence. We can gain a better understanding of everyday living in the late Islamic period. We should not underestimate the taste and highly distinguish architecture skills among the population at that time. The craftsmen used the same material in east part of the Islamic culture such as ceramic and porcelain. They also used designs similar to those in the east part of Islamic culture. This building is mainly represents the art of 8th century. It wasn’t built by one sultan but the work completed by other sultans which means they were planning for future at that time. Personality, it reflects the strength and the progress the people had at that reign. But when the people reached the top, they started to fall down. Muslims started to fight each other and they became micro states which enabled their enemy to defeat them…show more content…
It is famous all over the world for the beauty of the decorations which overspread its halls. It is a very important testimony icon of the Islamic culture in the 8th century. Some remains disappeared but the excavations have revealed the surroundings of these remains such as the baths and the walls. Recently, Alhambra has naturally became nothing less than a place of pilgrimage for all who love the arts of the Islamic culture in their final development. Alhambra is the only palace of the Muslim in the Middle Ages to come down to us whole and well preserved. It is still one of the most important symbols of Islamic culture which still surviving despite the unavoidable transformations and

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