Ali Jabin

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When someone is described as being evil, we often think of a person who acts cruelly towards others and treats them with no respect. In my opinion people can be born evil. In the nonfictional essay “Escape or Die,” a Somalian pirate named Ali Jabin was born in Somalia. He grew up in a country that has gone through a civil war and hasn’t had a functioning government in over a decade. The country politically is divided in semiautonomous regions ruled by various family clans and militia. Economically the country is poor, but has one of the most profitable businesses in exporting the drug Khat. Growing up in this country is a challenge and is very difficult for young people to stay away from all the dangerous influences. Growing up in Somalia,…show more content…
Jabin is strictly business, he even says, “We only want company money.” He is just doing his job and only wants to get paid. As the negotiations moved at a dreary pace for the Somalian pirates and Jabin, they began to beat the crew in frustration. The essay mentions that Jabin is slow to anger, “Jabin was slower to anger. One day, he called Aliabadi, the bosun into the recreation room, where several guards were seated around a table.” Aliabadi told Jabin that only the captain and owner knew. Jabin accused him of lying and asked him to open all the containers, but said it required docking. A guard slammed his head on the table and pressed a pistol to his head, Jabin took the pistol, said something in Somali, and allowed him to leave. This incident shows Jabin’s…show more content…
“The crew had little reason to trust Jabin, who had tormented them for years, but their options were worse: they believed that the investors would sooner kill them then free them for so little money. Finally, the crew voted unanimously to participate in Jabin’s plan.” The crew says they were tormented by Jabin for years which signifies his evil. Jabin supplied them with supplies to Kumar to help them escape. The crew army-crawled past houses and when they rested they crouched together, trying to look like silhouettes of rocks and bushes. Jabin only followed through for the money and only cares abou t himself. He is selfish. In 2014, Ali Jabin was shot to death in Mogadishu. It remains unclear whether the Albedo investors had him murdered. Ali Jabin is the opposite of an affable man, he is a truly evil person. He is a selfish man, that only cared about the money for his personal use. His actions were perverse. Near the end of the essay I felt like karma took action against Jabin. He tormented the crew for years and held them captive. When he received an offer of money he took it, then in 2014 he was murdered by what is believed to by the Albedo
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