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In the world of young entertainers, the market is often overrun with one-hit wonders and teens who decide to participate in risky behavior which results in negative press that sometimes propels them even further into the limelight. It is a rare thing in this fast-paced culture to see a young, unspoiled actress who truly has talent but has made the significant choice to keep herself grounded, but that is exactly who Ali Skovbye is. Her fame does not emanate from her wrongdoings, but instead she has built her reputation on humility, kindness, and crackerjack ability. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask her about her career as well as her Hallmark experiences, including “Once Upon a Christmas,” Gourmet Detective,” and “When Calls the Heart.” What was it that inspired you to become an actress? I sort of landed in acting because my sister was already doing it, so I just…show more content…
Will you sing again like you did in “One Christmas Eve?” I have another “Gourmet Detective” movie coming out. I also have a small role in the new Disney movie called “Adventures in Babysitting.” I hope to be able to sing again like in “One Christmas Eve.” It was pretty tough to do that scene as I had a bad cold at the time, and I had to sing that song over and over like 20 times . Luckily, the final track was recorded in a studio in L.A, so by that time I had my voice back. Describe your experience on WCTH. Working on WCTH was such a fun experience for me--wearing all those beautiful dresses and seeing Hope Valley. You can really step back in time and feel like you are really living in that era. And the actors on that show are amazing and so kind. Erin (Krakow) was always looking out for me and giving me positive feedback. And she 's so funny . Always making jokes. Working with Carter (Evancic) was also great. He 's such a great kid....Always hiding . I never had a younger sibling growing up, so it 's fun when I get to have one on

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