Visual Analysis Of Black Panther By Alice Dinneen

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Black Panther Alice Dinneen ( Stronger By:Kelly Clarkson ) Alice Dinneen was born in New York,New York in 1908. I chose this painting because black panthers are endangered. Also the exotic colors caught my eye. This painting was done with oil on canvas. The colors were meant to catch your attention. The flowers are very dull though. Alice Dineen could have put a lot more bright colors in this painting.The black panther is blended in with the ground. In this painting there is mostly natural colors as in brown,green,yellow and orange. These are colors you mainly see in nature. There is very little amount of bright colors as in red, white, and a little bit of silver.The artist made it look like this is a real animal by putting the shadow of the black panther.…show more content…
New Yorkers like Alice Dinneen found all these resources close at hand. She explained to the PWAP, "I am making studies of animals from life at the Bronx Zoo, and tropical plants, which I will compose together." The New York Botanical Garden, uncomplicatedly located next to the zoo, provided plants for Dinneen to study. A palm and a banana plant stand in the background, while an elephant ear and a caladium sprout just behind the reclining cat. Prayer plants add bright red and green touches to the lower corners of the painting. Grouping these common, imported plants around the reclination panther whose relatives traipse distant Africa and Asia, Dinneen created an appealingly ambrosial imaginary retreat. When you look at this what do you
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