Alice Goffman's On The Run

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Alice Goffman’s On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City is a sociologist’s intimate as well as immersive account of years of fieldwork in the Philadelphia ghetto. On the Run focuses majorly on, the impacts of the criminal justice system on a neighborhood whereby the majority of young men are considered dirty. The result of this is due to the legal status that they are compromised by pending court hearing. Additionally, her book further narrates about poverty, broken relationship, how to transform community life in ways that are enduring.
The themes presented of this book by Alice Goffman logically transform the entire lives through stabilization. The pathology as the central experience in black life has been analyzed critically whereby the Black American experienced racism and segregation. In some instances, opinions were based on stereotypes as well as catchphrases in order to deliberate the social policy of a community. Themes in this book formulated as well examined the lives of people in some places referred as ghettos since the interaction between the police and the young black was a problem. Through the themes of the book, it is evident that understanding the reality and the sense of significant aspects of life in contemporary America it is essential for the Black American to operate in within a liberal democracy. Apparently, the book narrates the experiences of the whole community on how to deal with violence as well as addressing key issues that are
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