Alice In Onederland Analysis

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Some parties just make you wanna jump in and be a guest. And this dreamy ‘Alice in Onederland’ party was no exception. Yasma's parents were inspired by the 1951 Alice in Wonderland movie to throw a party for their little one’s first birthday. All the graphics for the party were designed using scribbled pastel-coloured lines. A child-like font was applied to a custom-made logo that was used to decorate invitations and a number of other festive items, such as framed quotes from the movie, water and juice bottle labels, finger food and cupcake labels, signs, and a photo booth. All of the items – even the labels on the party bags – were brought together by a blue, yellow and pink colour scheme. LUMIERE STUDIO
Lumiere Studio
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In Greek mythology, the olive tree was believed to be a gift to people from the gods. Owing to its mythical and historical significance, extra fine virgin olive oil [or do you just mean extra-virgin olive oil?] was chosen as the gift to their loyal customers. After multiple tastings, a brand of locally produced olive oil was chosen from South Lebanon. The wooden box containing the gift was also custom-made with a hot-stamped logo. A pamphlet was also included detailing the origins of the oil, the history of the olive tree from which it grew, and guidance on how to properly taste olive oil. The cover of the pamphlet was printed on Sirio Bruno 140gr paper and includes an embossed logo. Each bottle of olive oil has a customized tag with the name of its recipient.

Advanced Integration is an automation and control firm. Their mission is to upgrade the lifestyle of their clients by creating an atmosphere of comfort and entertainment through the use of integrated technologies. The brand name has been partially sliced to hint at the integration of the two words. The business card was designed using a metallic blue, printed on coated 390gr paper with matt silk lamination, and spot UV varnish on the logo. The concept for the logo was to achieve an integration of the two words that comprised the company name.

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