Alice In The Wonderland Movie Analysis

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This is the movie review of “Alice In The Wonderland”. I’m going to write about social discrimination, good vs evil and revenge in the movie. Social discrimination is defined as sustained inequality between individuals on the basis of illness, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or any other measures of diversity. The war between good vs evil can be defined as the conflict or fight between the individual. The revenge will happen if an individual feels not fair or unhappy things others did to them. I will begin my movie review talking about Alice growing with confidence, how the others’ perspective towards Alice’s imagination, and the conflict between the Red Queen and White Queen who is biological sisters.
Social discrimination in the
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The Red Queen is laughed by having “big head”. It was included facial discrimination or harassment. This happened because Red Queen’s sister, White Queen has a more beautiful appearance than her. This is started by their father and mother. Before the war between Red Queen and White Queen started, the White Queen requested to give her back the crown. The Red Queen refused said “You think you can blink those pretty little eyes and I’ll melt like Mummy and Daddy did”(Lewis Carroll, 1865). So, the comparison of the appearance started since they were…show more content…
From the characters, we knew the Red Queen is depicted as a brutal, violent, frightened, and masculine. This can be prove from the scene Red Queen successfully snatched the crown from the White Queen’s side by the sudden attack and caused Mad Hatter’s family destroyed. One of the main reason Red Queen’s personality is brutal and violent towards people is because she lived without loved. Red Queen made others felt frightened to her. However, the White Queen is illustrated as soft and feminine but lacks direct action. The White Queen’s personality is very kind to other people. She treats her citizens very soft and nice. So, the citizens love White Queen more than Red Queen. The Red Queen used violence to solve problems while the White Queen forgives
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