Alice Monologue

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A little girl named Alice that was about the age of 9 comes running down the snowy street, with a worried look on her face. She was looking for her sister, Alma, who ran down the street about 30 minutes ago. Her mom sent her out from the house to go look for her because it was starting to get dark outside. She then came up across a chalkboard with her sisters name on it scribbled across. That made her realize that her sister was recently in the area. She then notices this little shop with a doll on the windowsill. She walks towards it in hopes of finding more clues that will lead to her finding her sister. When she gets closer to the shop, she realizes that the doll on the window looked just like her. It had long red hair like her as well as the same exact outfit she had.…show more content…
She tries to open the door again, and this time the door creaked open. The shop was dark and eerie, and Alice felt like she was being watched. She looks around to see many dolls, but as she looks closer, she notices that their eyes appeared as if they were following her. She soon became nervous, but then notices that a doll on a shelf in the store looked exactly like Alma. She wanted to see why there was a doll that looked like her sister as well as one that looked like her. Maybe it was a clue as to where Alma went. She reaches over to touch it, but somehow her hand could grasp it. It was almost like there was an invisible forcefield blocking her. She decided after many attempts of trying to grab it, that she should leave. She then looks at the doll of herself again, except now it sitting right next to Alma 's doll. She wanted to take it because she didn 't want a doll that looked like her to be sold to somebody. Her hand shaking with fear from the dolls eyes, she touches the doll. Light flashes through her eyes and she suddenly couldn 't move. She looked next to her to see Alma 's doll. She then heard a
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