The Struggle For Women In Alice Munro's Work

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Around the world women is considered as the creator of mankind, yet she is not given a proper place by her male counter part. Her status is suppressed and she was treated inferior in the male chauvinistic society. So they fight for their proper rights to be equal with men. It was portrayed by many women writers with feministic perspective across the globe. Alice Munro is one such women writer who challenges the male domination through her women characters, who are the victims of men-centric world. They have to struggle within the family and outside of it. Their quest for identity and liberation is frequently portrayed throughout her works. She inspires the other women writers in particular and the world of women at large. She is very much…show more content…
She is the 13th woman and 110th Noble Laureate to win the prestigious award. Her literary genius is marked with clarity and psychological realism. The Canadian women writers have a particular purpose of making women “critically conscious of their own roles in conventional social structure.”(Howells 4) And try to attract the attention of the readers towards the problems of women. They replicate the feministic perspective and reflect the trials, troubles and tribulations of girls and women. Munro is praised by Peter England, the Permanent Secretary for Royal Swedish Academy as “the master of the contemporary story, whose texts often feature depictions of everyday but decisive events, epiphanies of a kind that illuminate the surrounding story and let existential questions appear in a flash of lightning . . . She has taken an art form, the short story, which has tended to come a little bit in the shadow behind the novel, and she has cultivated it almost to…show more content…
She throws light on the emotional and intellectual growth of Del and comprehends her ambitions in life. Del represents the pathetic conditions of girls and women who experiences sexual humiliations in the male dominated society. “God was made by man. Man at a lower and blood thirstier stage of his development than he is at now, we hope. Man made God in his own image.” (Munro in Lives of Girls and Women 189) She feels shy by the lustful feelings of Mr. Chamberlain who misbehaved with Del by offering a glass of whisky is a clear cut example for the sexual exploitation of women in the society. She tries very hard to protest the physical assault on her but she could not get
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