Alice Paul In Women's Rights Movement

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Women haven’t always been able to vote. Women haven’t always been able to do most of the things they can today. Who made it that way? Who helped women get the rights that they have today? Alice Paul, she is an American Suffragist, Feminist, and a women’s rights activist. She fought long and hard for her rights as a woman, and for the other woman in the United States. She is the reason why women can vote. She is the one who fought for all of the rights women have today. If it wasn’t for her women wouldn’t be seen as anything but a cooking and cleaning machine. She is the person women should give thanks to for all the rights they possess today. Alice Paul is mainly known for her role in women’s suffrage movement which resulted in the passage of the 19th amendment in the Us constitution which prohibits any citizen to be denied the right to vote on the basis of sex. After 1920, Paul spent a half century as a leader of the National Women’s Party. Which fought for the Equal Rights Amendment to secure constitutional equality for women. Paul plays a big role in the Women’s Rights movement. It seems like she spent her whole life fighting for…show more content…
I do not wish to be seen as a cooking and cleaning machine. I like that now men think highly of women. Over the years they can see what all we women can handle. When the men went to WW II the women had to stay behind and pick up all the jobs that then men had left behind. Women handled that situation perfectly. Some women were excited, because they as well did not want to be seen as a cooking and cleaning machine. If it wasn’t for Alice Paul, I would not have the right to vote. I would not have the right to an education. I would not have the right to be employed and earn money on my own. I am one of the few people that can recognize this woman as a blessing to the whole women population. I give thanks, and I am very grateful for this women to give me the rights I possess
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