Alice Paul's Suffrage

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Throughout all history women had a difficulty in gaining rights. It took a long amount of time for women's voices to be heard in all America. Determination and being fearless was a big factor for all suffragists to be heard. Alice Paul who was a fearless women is an example of who took a stand for women’s rights with full determination. The determination she had lead to major achievements for all the women in the early years and now. Alice Paul took a stand for suffrage by her determination of not caring about the consequences, and these actions resulted in her becoming a main leader to the U.S. Constitution.
Alice Paul had grown up knowing the equality men and women needed. Her parents had the belief on gender equality and that was the belief that lead her to become a determined suffragist. Although, her parents and Paul had the same beliefs Alice Paul took it further motives. “Though her vision of women's rights was never as comprehensive as that of Stanton, Paul always remained committed to women's freedom” (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Alice Paul was determined to fight for gender equality, the education for women, and a better society overall. Alice Paul had no fear in fighting for what she believed in and she knew that her voice was not going to be heard alone. She was not alone in this
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Alice Paul got a lot done for women’s rights because of her use in the freedom of speech. She utilized freedom of speech to really get her points across. “She used a U.S. citizen's superpower -- freedom of speech -- to thwart the politicians arrayed against equality” (USA Today). The way she used freedom of speech really got people motivated and made people see what the real motives are in being equal to one another. It also caught the politicians eyes which could have been a good thing because she could have gotten support from
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