Alice Walker And Kite Runner Short Story

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People in our society can be uncommon to each other as chalk and cheese , from their nationality to their fingerprints . However this does not mean that people that you come across can not share or have experienced a same dilemma or dispute as you . Though humans can be different as the night and the day , we can still share similar experiences , with others . With this in mind , the narrator from the “Kite Runner “ by “ Khaled Hosseini and “ Alice Walker“ from the excerpt of “Father “ have in common an experience and understand when it comes to a relationship with a father because both of them did not really had a good relationship with their fathers and knew that there were things that their father will never understand and things that they will never know. Nonetheless as humans, we also do not share the same background story of why their fathers might neglected…show more content…
In the book “The Kite Runner” by “ Khaled Hosseini ” it states “ Childrens aren’t coloring books .You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors “ ( pg 21) . From this quote I can infer that Amir’s father thought that what Amir did was dumb and rare , he thought that his kid should he like him . He didn 't understand why his son prefers to stay at home and write . In the excerpt “Father ” by “Alice Walker ” it states “ Im positive my father never understood why you wrote ” (paragraph 2) . This quote demonstrates that Alice the narrator knew that his father never understood why she wrote . Both of these quotes show how the narrators of “ The Kite Runner ” and the Excerpt of “Father ” relate , and share a similar conflict . Even if people can be really unlike each other , sometimes you can find someone that has experience a same conflict as
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