Alice Walker And Maya Angelou Essay

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Maya Angelou and Alice walker are two women that contributed to The Civil Rights Act by using family, friends, their personal stories to make a difference. These two women wrote about different things that impacted their lives. Maya Angelou wrote about her and her families experiences as opposed to Alice Walker who wrote about her political views about segregation and women 's rights. They both have things in common as well such as their contribution to the The Civil Rights Act in the 1960s and they are both recipients of the Pulitzer Prizer. Alice walker and Maya Angelou both wrote about the experiences they have encountered being an African American woman. Some of the differences between these women are what they sparked their writing. This is important because both women wrote about things important to them. Even though they are different Alice Walker and Maya Angelou have many similarities and when it comes to the reasons why they are writing. Maya Angelou and Alice Walker both wrote to make a difference. Maya Angelou wrote about the things that happened and what she personally saw and felt. Maya Angelou’s most famous series I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is…show more content…
Alice Walker and Maya Angelou’s hobbies helped their writing. Alice walker participated in marches. By participating in these marches she was able to get other people’s personal experiences about segregation. Maya Angelou had an acting career in addition to being a writer. Maya Angelou featured in a lot of movies; some include, Madea’s Family Reunion, Down in the Delta, and Poetic Justice. These movies allowed her to get her work out so more people know about her struggle, in Madea’s Family Reunion she recited In and Out of Time. Maya Angelou and And alice walker also have many similarities. Alice Walker and Maya Angelou were Civil Rights activists. The hobbies that these ladies participated in effected their writing because they actually went out and physically participated in a memorable time in
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