Alice Walker Everyday Heritage

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Everyday Heritage shown by Alice Walker Alice Walker, who wrote “Everyday Use,” had an unfortunate childhood. As a result of her brother’s mishap, she grew up shy and self-conscious of her appearance. Also, despite dealing with her physical appearance, Walker was born in 1944, and grew up under Jim Crow Laws. Walker’s parents are her biggest supporters, and they are the reason for the college opportunities she has had. Her short story, “Everyday Use” shows many instances of her life being portrayed in her writing. Because Walker was born on February 9, 1944, she lived through times that were harder for African Americans. Walker has eight siblings, and she is the youngest. Her parents’ names are Willie Lee Walker and Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant. Her mother worked hard as a maid to have the income to help with Walkers college tuition. Her father worked as a sharecropper, but unfortunately he was not the best, and did not have a great income. (“Selected Websites on Alice Walker 's Life and Works”). In her words, her father was "wonderful at math but a terrible…show more content…
Next, with the help of her mother and a scholarship she applied to Spelman College of Atlanta, and was accepted. She later went to Uganda, Africa to participate in an abroad study program while at Spelman. Lastly, she transferred to New York City to attend Sarah Lawrence College. (“Alice Walker Biography”). Her senior year of college she began to work on her first story which was published that same year. In 1965, she graduated from college. (“Alice Walker Biography”). Feasibly, this accomplishment is her reasoning for Dee to have a similar achievement. In the story, there is no doubt Walker is most like Maggie. Perhaps she distributes her traits throughout both sisters, and she gives Dee the educated characteristic in order to interest the
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