Alice Walker In Alice Walker's 'Everyday Use'

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Alice walker in ' 'Everyday use ' ' shows us how a small thing can make a conflict and distinguish between sisters. She also show a point which is Sisters with Nothing in Common in Everyday Use When two children are brought up by the same parent in the same environment, everyone logically conclude that these children will be very similar, or at least have the same qualities. In Alice Walker 's "Everyday Use," this is not happened. The only thing Maggie and Dee share in common is the fact that they were both raised by the same woman in the same home. They differ in appearance, personality. Alice carefully portrait the draw of the three characters ‘Dee, Mama and Maggie’.

Mama, the narrator of the story, is a strong, loving mother who always think of her daughters, Dee and Maggie. Mama has lake of education. Mama dreamed about her and Dee on a television talk show and about Dee expressing gratitude to Mama for all Mama has done for her. This is show how there is a conflict between her and mama, underappreciated Mama 's feels. Mama is a hard word women she can eat a like pork, Her hand as a rough as man 's due to the rough work she do. Even of her dreams she put her daughters first as she dreamed that she is 100 pounds lighter with a skin like a pancake and that 's how her daughter want her to be but in real she is so fat. The mother at the end of the story when Dee want to get the quilt she prevent her, and she give it to the poor Maggie, cause she know very well that
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