Alice Walker Literature Review Essay

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Ontiretse Moatshe 12F
History: Ms. Murray
One Research Task 2018
26 February 2018
Literature Review Draft 1

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Pg 3. Topic and Introduction
Pg 4-12 Literature Review
Research Topic: To what extent did Alice Walker and Anna Julia Cooper influence the rise of the "Womanist" movement in the 1980s in the USA?
(Introduction to what will be analysed)

Source C: The Second Wave of Feminism and the Race Factor
Summary: The Second Wave of Feminism is described as being the new era of rebellion. As a result of occurring at the same time as the Civil Rights Movement, discussion around the history of women’s oppression was prompted, according to the source. The ideas of “all-encompassing feminism” were questioned as the introduction of the ‘Race Factor’ challenged the predominantly white, middle class, female voice. This source states that black women (in particular) had to confront racist and sexist issues. The globalisation of feminism is also addressed.

Source D: History and Theory of Feminism Summary: This source summarises various theories and movements relating to Feminism. With relevance to the topic, a definition of feminism and other key terminology was found. Periods and subdivisions of the movement such as “Women’s Liberation”, The Second Wave, post, black and standpoint feminism were

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