Alice Walker's Relationship In The Kite Runner

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Some live with the idea that family will always understand you and be there with you. Although many people believe this to be true, in some cases it is not. Just like Alice Walker from the excerpt “Father” and Amir from “The Kite Runner”, where unfortunately their own fathers were not as understanding as they would like them to be. In the excerpt “Father” it explains Walker’s relationship with her father and how she regrets not having a stronger connection with him. In the novel “The Kite Runner” Amir describes his childhood memories with his only parent alive, his dad. Both Alice and Amir have gone through similar journeys that affect the people around them, which helps to create tension throughout the story. First off, one of the similar…show more content…
In the excerpt, “Father”, Walker states “It hurts me to think that for both my parents, poor people, my arrival represented many more years of backbreaking and spirit–crushing toil.” This suggests that Alice’s parents were poor and barely had enough money to support their family. Unlike Alice, Amir’s dad was actually wealthy enough to support him and Amir. In “The Kite Runner”, Amir states how his dad has maids and even owns a orphanage, which requires money to run. Their differences in finance can create tension because in any terrible situation such as when the Taliban took over Amir’s family would have a higher chance to survive than Alice’s since they have money. Money can create a lot of problems and decision making in their life’s. In conclusion, Amir from the novel “The Kite Runner” and Alice from the excerpt “Father” have similar journeys, yet at the same time different ones that create tension throughout the story. Both have faded connections with their fathers. As well as their fathers don’t understand their passions with writing. But these similarities come apart in their financial difference. Their adulthoods are shaped by childhoods and it is clear that they have lost Father
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