Alice's Adventure In Wonderland Summary

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Lewis Carroll is the writer name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, an English mathematician and writer. He’s famous for the novel “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”, written for Alice Liddell, and released in 1865. The story was conceived during “The Golden Afternoon”[1][3], when Dodgson was on a boat trip with the three Liddell sisters and improvised the story to entertain them. On the request of Alice Liddell, he began writing down the manuscript of the story, which provoked him to expand and further develop the story. Over the next three years he perfected the manuscript, and in 1865 finally released it. Receiving luke “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” is the classic childstory about the little girl Alice, and her venture to the twisted, abstract…show more content…
The Cheshire-Cat is an magical cat, with the special trait of a big grin over its face. It has the ability to disappear and reappear anywhere it wants. At one point, it helps Alice find her way at a crossroad. The Queen of Hearts is the ruling Queen in Wonderland. She is mad with power, and threatens to behead anyone that disobeys her will, despite her request may be against the laws of nature (even the nature of Wonderland). Alice meets her for the first time in the garden, where she is invited for a croquet game. Her first reaction of the Queen is being afraid. The Queen has no problems with executing people, and commands her guards to behead others and one another for acting against her will. Some of the lesser prominent and influential characters, but still important, is the Hatter, or the Mad Hatter, which he is known as in popular culture. The first time Alice met the Hatter, was at a tea party along with the March Hare and a very sleepy Dormouse. This event may be one of the queerest, and the best example for the book’s spirit. The tea party is an endless tea party, because the Hatter’s watch has stopped working, leaving the time to always be 6 pm:
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