Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Character Analysis

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“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”- Lolly Daskal. In everyday life individuals are constantly battling themselves on what they desire to be and what society expects of them. This concept of pressure to restrain true identity can easily be seen in Alice’s encounters throughout Wonderland. Alice had no idea who she was when she first entered the estranged world, but after being put in positions where she was forced to decide Alice soon learned the potential that was within her. Even though this was a personified world, she was still able to transfer the valuable knowledge learned into her everyday lifestyle. Identity is found through memorable situations and tough decisions is an inalienable theme seen in the novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; one can see this through Alice’s encounter with the caterpillar, her interactions at the croquet game, and most significantly through Alice’s thoughts and actions at the trial. Indeed, odd situations are always going to have a lasting effect on an individual, yet it just so happens that Alice’s uncanny…show more content…
Alice has found a new burst of confidence in her abilities that cause her to fear what it might due to her actions. After the Queen demanded a harsh unjustified sentence to the gardeners Alice rushed to yell, “Nonsense” (Carroll 79). Although Alice has stood up to authority figures before this is the first real time Alice was able to confront powerful people in her life. It may have only been one word, but it was significant in its meaning. This was the first time anybody spoke out against the Queen to her face. Due to Alice’s decision to speak up she was creating an identity for herself within the population. They now view her as a strong bold individual who doesn’t fret about stereotypes. However, it also contributes to how Alice sees herself. Before this event she didn’t know what she was truly capable of. Afterwards though
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