Rhetorical Analysis On Alien Landing

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Rhetoric in Practice: Alien Landing Best Friends “Guys, you would not believe what happened last night! While I was out in the meadows, a flying saucer suddenly fell out of the sky and went straight into this guy’s truck, completely obliterating it. I got to admit, the explosion was pretty cool but on with the story. Right away, the owner of the truck came running out of his with a loaded shotgun. He yelled out into the crater that the crashed saucer had created asking the intruders to show themselves. Unexpectedly, this very deep voice spoke telling him to drop his weapon, resulting in the owner pulling the pump on his weapon to show he meant business. Out of nowhere, this giant brown claw proceeds to grab him and pull him straight into the crater. All I could her was screaming and the sound of a ‘gulp’ before things went silent. Seconds later, I saw this flat sheet thrown onto the ground. I could not…show more content…
The main aspect that influenced the way I described what I witnessed would have to be how comfortable I am having a detailed conversation with the person. I would be most comfortable with my best friends, willing to tell them the whole story exactly as it happened. I probably would have this enthusiastic, slightly exaggerated tone while sharing since they are the ones I would want to tell the most. I would not expect them to believe me at face value, but they would still be supportive of me. With the police, I would be comfortable to share what had happened with them. I would just be more professional about it to ensure they get the details they need, making sure to stress the intruder must be caught before he goes on a killing spree. Finally, I would make sure to be honest with my mom. What I would share would be the truth, I would just not make it as detailed. I would mainly want to ensure her that I am okay and I did the best I could in the given

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