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What makes Prometheus one of the most hated installments of the Alien franchise? Director Ridley Scott takes his prequel in a daring new direction, and deserves higher praise than it received. While most of the movies from the Alien series have been of the horror/thriller/action genres, Prometheus adds a desired air of mystery to a previously superficial set of movies. What was once a series of claustrophobic, gore-filled, bullet riddled shoot’em ups now throws in the quest for finding the origins of humanity itself. The hatred this movie has received is completely unjust, and holds the franchise back from becoming a profound series Prometheus isn’t lacking in the franchise’s original elements. The movie’s opening title screen fades in as it always has: slowly piecing together the letters to form the title. Its theme that evokes wonder and awe plays, reminding the watchers…show more content…
Standing over a waterfall, is a muscular, pure white humanoid, giving off a rather ethereal aura. The being ingests a black liquid, and begins to rapidly decompose, and falls off the edge of the waterfall. The screen shows a microscopic view of DNA strands breaking apart, and transforms into a view of cellular division. The title card slowly comes in, underlining the main theme of the movie: creation. The title card cuts to the main lead, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and her husband, Dr. Charlie Holloway, excavating into a cliffside in Scotland. Inside the cave, the couple finds paintings of a large being pointing towards six circles. These paintings have been found in other sites, leading Shaw and Holloway to believe that these painted beings are the creators of humans. These events lead to the crew embarking on a journey to a solar system matching that of in the cave paintings, to discover the “Engineers” of mankind. Never before has the Alien franchise delved into the topic of humanity’s

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