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I intend Cornell’s School of Arts and Sciences to be a stepping stone into Cornell 's Business School. Business is what really interests me and I want to further enhance the skills that I 've developed running Alien Polo. I plan to concentrate on economics while at Cornell’s School of Arts and Sciences; that will give me a strong and relevant foundation to go into the Business School. I strive to always do my best and graduate at the top of my class at Cornell. I 'd like the transition to the Business School to be as fluid as possible.
I’ve had a unique insight into the world of business. When I founded Alien Polo I didn 't expect to have to stay up until four in the morning because of a scheduled call with an apparel manufacturer in China. I’ve had to understand and
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Every time I give an elevator pitch to potential investors, they always offer their money, but not their time. I’ve been given a couple offers that were quite grand, however I turned them down. I know what I’m looking for: experience and time and so far, none of them offered to invest in that manner, and I’ve stuck to my guns. Being shrewd is mandatory - something only touched upon in class.
My business experience is the main proponent of pursuing a business degree rather than something else. I have a proven track record of success while also being passionate about business.
Studying economics at Cornell is crucial because it will give me the proper stepping stone into Cornell’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management which is my ultimate goal. I believe that a business education from Cornell will provide relevant lessons and knowledge as well as the opportunities that I need to excel. An institution like Cornell has an education, connections, and reputation that I plan to take full advantage of. These necessary benefits will give me the foundation that I need to catapult my adolescent career
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