Alien Species In Japan Essay

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Impact of Alien Species in Japan
Alien species or invasive species have been a huge issue in Japan, and all over the world. Alien species are animals, plants or any living thing that are not originally in that country, but people bring them over. Alien species can have negative impacts on living organisms that are originally living in that country. They can disrupt ecosystems and can affect the environment. There are many alien species in Japan that are causing trouble. Alien species can harm the ecosystem, but how do they get there? Humans bring them in from different countries, for their own benefits or some come in accidently. For some species such as ants, humans are the only means of transport to Japan.
One example of an alien specie
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They are originally from North America and live in places such as rivers, streams and lakes. Bluegill can grow up to around 30 centimeters, but most of them are about 20~25 centimeters (“Bluegill Fish”, N/A). They mainly eat small insects and other small fish. The bluegill eat small animals to sea weeds, and they are strong fishes. Bluegill spread fast because the parents protect their eggs so other fishes can’t eat them. They came into Japan in 1960 when the Japanese Emperor received 15 bluegills from the mayor of Chicago. The Emperor wanted to raise bluegill as food. He hoped that they could help during food shortage by providing protein, but this plan didn’t turn out well. “In those days, we had high expectations of raising them for food, and I’m deeply troubled by how it turned out,” he said in a speech in Shiga Prefecture (“Emperor regrets introducing invasive U.S. bluegill 50 years ago“, Nov 16, 2007). He then brought it back to Japan and gave them to the National Research Institute of Aquaculture. In 1996, the National Research Institute of Aquaculture released them into a lake called Ippei Ko in Shizuoka Prefecture. These bluegills spread because people used them for food for the largemouth bass, and some people caught them when they were fishing and then released them back into a different place and they spread everywhere. The bluegill is a strong fish that can survive in polluted water, and other fish populations have decreased

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