Alienated Labor Summary

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Carla Mendoza Business 1050 10/9/15 Assignment 15 “Alienated labor” by Karl Marx Vocabulary 1. Appropriation- the act or insistence of appropriation or taking something away from someone 2. Counterpose- set against/in opposition to 3. Bondage- subjected to the control of a superior 4. Cretinism- a disease 5. Contrivance- something created with skill and with a purpose 6. Debased- to reduce in either quality or value 7. Destitution- lack or absence of something 8. Doctrine- a belief or a set of beliefs that are held by the church or taught by it 9. Gattungswesen- ‘species being’ 10. Presupposed- the action of having thought of something and having guessed on it Critical thinking questions 1. They set the stage by making him question the things …show more content…

This text was very hard for me I didn’t understand it at first because I thought it meant something and then it repeated it in a different way and it confused me a little, however I think that overall I did understand it after I read it a second time. Study questions 1. Political economy is when economics are seen as a branch of knowledge or an academic principle. 2. The fallacy of private property is that it is never explained or defined. It is very vague and it affects everything. 3. The devaluation of men is when a man’s value goes down due to the fact that he does not work for himself. 4. A man’s estrangement from the product of his labor is that it is not for himself. 5. Alienated labor appears in real life as forced labor or as labor done not for oneself but rather for the service of someone else. 6. Private property is not the cause of labors alienation but instead it is the consequence of . this is because labors alienation created private property. 7. After a time instead of men creating their own intellectual confusion the idea of gods they had created were the ones that caused the intellectual confusion. 8. Labor becomes estranged from private property because the labor is for the service of private property and it is spread this

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