Alienation And Human Powerlessness

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Sociologists such as Herbet Mc Closky, Richard Schacht, Jan Haida, Michael Aiken, Jerald Huge, Melvin Seeman, Beijamin Zablocki and Emile Durkhein opine that alienation is a result of human powerlessness, meaninglessness. Cultural estrangement, social isolation and self-estrangement. From the sociologist point of view, alienation can be divided in 2 realms: Structural and socio-psychological. Societal Alienation refers to the situation where a person feels alienated from the society due to its societal structures i.e. there is a distance between an individual and the work product and an individual’s treatment on the basis of class, caste, race, gender etc. The Socio-Psychological feeling of alienation begins with one’s realization of their powerlessness, meaning less and rootless existence which gradually estranges and isolates them from the self and the society.…show more content…
The feelings of meaninglessness is related to the emotions of the individual. They feel disillusioned with the whole system because their expectations are not being fulfilled. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), the father of psychology, refers to the alienation as a “self-estrangement caused by the split between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, The constant blocking and suppression of a person’s feelings, emotions and sexual instincts make then less effective and detach them from their real nature alienating them from their actual
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