Alienation In District 9: Symbolism In Apartheid South Africa

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mage One has a clear message towards the those who are non-human; this board is a form of alienation which excludes the ‘Prawns’ who are considered non-human. In correlation with Image One, Image Two also makes use of alienation to exclude people of colour, by specifying that only white people may use facilities, just as the Image 2-Symbol aliens were excluded. This a theme of alienation.

Image One appears as a motif that is shown on boards and banners throughout the film to emphasise how unwelcome the aliens are. Image Two is taken from the Apartheid era as there is evidence of the Afrikaans language( native to South Africa) and is used as a symbol in comparison to Image One. These images allude to the history of South Africa, where different
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In District 9 the aliens are forcefully separated and unwanted by society. The stills show the unsanitary and poor housing conditions of the aliens and people. In both images there is a lack of grass and only sand which adds to the realism of the areas theses images are taken in. The lighting is natural from the sun, especially since both images are taken in broad day light. This adds to the realistic atmosphere. The MNU act as the government who are trying to move the aliens to a ‘ better’ area, which is actually worse than where they already…show more content…
It is ominous and brooding, this space ship symbolised the arrival of the aliens ( the other). The sheer size of the space ship takes up most of the image and is showcased against an almost setting sky under natural lighting. The sfumato, and hazy effect of the space ship, alludes to the unknown.

The ship brought along with is the aliens which are unwanted by society. Which begs the question in society today who is uninvited in South Africa?

District 9 shows racism and the violence humans have to those who are difference and even one of their own ( Wikus). The aliens are attacked and also attack one another and display an animalistic savagery.

However in South Africa the xenophobic attacks upon one another are similar to that in District 9, to the extent where Zimbabweans and Nigerians are called “aliens”, despite being human. The arrival of that which is different spurs on violence. Xenophobia exposes the intolerance that humans have for others. The space ship symbolises the arrival of others from a different planet and not a
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