Fahrenheit 451 Alienation Theme

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As new electronics are being invented, our society gradually becomes more addicted as the days pass. People become reliant on technology and find themselves unable to connect with others and the outside world. Alienation plays a major role in Fahrenheit 451 as Bradbury expresses this theme through the characters, Montag’s society, and how it occurs and affects people in reality.

In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury establishes the theme of alienation through the characters. Montag also known as the protagonist displays this theme by the negative emotions he possesses towards societal ways, “I don’t know.” “We have everything we need to be happy, but we aren’t happy” (82). Montag believes that even though we could be happy the society is missing one thing to be filled with joy. Montag does not enjoy his lifestyle because he does not get treated well, “Nobody listens anymore. I can’t talk to the walls because I can’t talk to the walls because they’re yelling at
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Mildred having her earphones in all the time forced her to lip read what people said. This proves that electronics affect our actions and people utilize it more than we should. Another problem that occurs is being more curious about what is on the internet instead of actual problems going on in the world, “You know the wars on? ...God isn’t funny said the old man. It seems so remote because we have our own to subles” (131-2). This shows that we should be considerate of what is around us and not look on social media all the time. That us as a community need to pay attention to conflicts occuring in the world and be more compassionate to help. As a society, we should take these situations and turn them into a lesson so we do not keep coming back to
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