Alienation In H. G. Wells's The Invisible Man

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This research paper deals with the mental disorders and social setup of bourgeois society and explores the theme of the alienation in H.G.Wells 's The Invisible Man. Alienation is a momentous theme of modern age, which shows the frustration of society and individual 's spiritual and personal interest. In order to define the complex process of the term, Karl Marx and Hegel have described the causes and significance of the Alienation. According to Marx, Alienated man is an abstraction because he has lost his contact with all human beings. Man suffers from a very pathetic condition due to his failures in society. This theory shows that alienation is the results of living in an exceeding cluster in any community. According to this theory, low category loses the flexibility to manage or accomplish their goals in life because of the suppression of socio-economic class. In this novel, alienation is found in his protagonist Griffin. He 's a pissed off man, who feels boredom about his relations. He suffers from psychological complexes, that alienated him from society, and he 's unable to face the realities of life. This research indicates the modern theme of breakdown, absurdity, uselessness, loneliness, and bitterness of life. The protagonist also realizes that the escape from the responsibilities is not a solution to life 's problem. A person ought to create a struggle for his survival, otherwise, there 's the decay of humanity in alienation. In the novel, the author appears to
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