Alienation In Katherine Anne Porter's 'Flowering Judas'

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Mary Kathryn Stanford
English 11/ Fourth Period
05 March 2018
Part 14: Rough Draft #2 In Katherine Anne Porter 's ¨Flowering Judas,¨ Porter writes, ¨She draws her strength from this one holy talismanic world which does not suffer her to be led into evil. Denying everything, she may walk anywhere in safety, she looks at everything without amazement.¨ (Porter 316). This quote lets the reader in on Laura 's feelings of alienation when it alludes to Laura not feeling at home in this world and her looking at everything without any amazement (Porter 316). Porter uses her different styles of writing to explain the setting and what and how the characters think and feel. She also based the story off of her own experiences when she went to Mexico in 1920 in the wake of the Mexican Revolution. That experience made writing the short story much easier for Porter. “Flowering Judas” by Katherine Anne Porter includes themes, such as alienation and faith, literary devices like, symbols and imagery, and Porter’s style of ambiguity and internal thoughts.
The theme of alienation is a big part of Katherine Anne Porter’s “Flowering Judas.” In “This Strange House: Home and Alienation in ‘Flowering Judas,’” Sarah Madsen Hardy states, “However, not only does Laura not feel at home in any particular place, but she also does not feel at home “in the world” at large. Such alienation- that is, separation and disharmony between the self and the outside world- is a feeling that many
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