Alienation In Oates's Characters

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As each character in Oates’ works deals with violence and loss in their lives, their experiences with their family and with their own alienation are vital to their discovery of their own definition of justice.
While previous experiences with violence help characters decide how to avenge new violence, religion is the most formative in helping them decide if that vengeance is righteous.
Even though fear may paralyze some characters from taking action against those who hurt them, it ultimately motivates them to take action, even if that action is not in the form of revenge.
In order to discover how to properly get revenge on who hurt them or those they love, many of Oates’ characters experience alienation from their family, allowing them to form
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Legs Sadovsky: She enters further into her role as a “bad girl” by stealing cars, pulling knives on those around her, and getting arrested. She is obsessed with communism and hates capitalist society. Her role as an androgynous young woman helps her blend into various situations. This week, her actions have been getting her into trouble and she seems to be drifting away from the original goal of FOXFIRE. (for more information, see Log 3)
Madeleine “Maddy-Monkey, Killer” Faith Wirtz: She is transcribing the FOXFIRE CONFESSIONS as an older woman reflecting but also living in the novel. Her feelings toward Legs go beyond normal friendship and hint at a lustful relationship. As her obsession with Legs grows stronger, she begins to hate the members of the gang. Furthermore, she has begun to detach herself more from the gang. (for more information, see Log 3)
Betty “Goldie, Boom-Boom” Siefried: She always speaks her mind about what is going on and Legs often puts her at the front of situations and relies on her for advice. She loves Toby, the liberated dog. (for more information, see Log 3)
Loretta “Lana” Maguire: She helps Violet get inducted into the gang but she does not play a major role. (for more information, see Log
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