Material Determinism And Alienation Essay

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b. Material Determinism and Alienation Conflict between Mr.Scott and Johnson is one example of the real material contradictions. This contradiction grows up to be a contradiction between labor and capitalism. What the Mrs. Scott’s thought about excessive material is created to enrich one side. At the certain stage of Johnson, the material productive forces him come in conflict with the existing relations of production. Consequently, it causes material determinism. Besides, the alienation in a class is also experienced by Johnson. Suroso quotes Marx as saying that alienation is the essence of the human mind to divorce human beings each other. People can not realize themselves in their work because the alienation. Alienation as found in this short story are based on alienation…show more content…
By standing job, he actually wanted his work can be done by sitting down to ease he put a lot more benches around. However, he could not do anything because he was alienated from human potential ruled by capitalist. It can be said that alienation occurs when humans do not achieve what he expected. The capitalist system with various improvement and expansion, resulting in intellectual, moral, and trust will become a force for capitalism. In contrast, the proletariat right is lost because the capitalist interest. All of that is to result a commodity and money. So that, it results the resistance of proletariat. According to Marx, employment enjoyed by everyone is to give satisfaction. Therefore, according to Marx, as it is written Isaiah Berlin, education is required for the proletariat so that they can be aware of their existence and how to fight for their rights. True freedom can not be achieved if they are not made rationally, that is able to distinguish a good understanding of masters and slaves. If someone does not know the direction of the struggle, continued Marx, then in fact it leads to his own

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