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For the reading stage, they are many different types of way to read a book with the class; there independent reading, partner reading, guided reading, shared reading and read aloud to students. For reading of Aliens Ate my Homework, the students will work with partner reading, shared reading and reading aloud to students. Most of the book will be as shared reading, meaning the teacher will read the book while the students followed along with their own copy. (Tompkins. 2014) The students will also read with a partner, help them improved in their reading together. For chapter five, the student will do guided reading. Working with a partner they get to read a fun chapter where they learned why Rod Allbright cannot tell a lie. The story on the first time Rod told a lie, when he was three years old Rod wanted a cookie but his mother told him no but he decided to take one anyways. When he heard his mother coming back he stuff the cookie in his mouth, when she asked if he had cookie in his mouth he denied but with spray of cookies crumbs flying…show more content…
For example, chapter thirteen and fourteen after Rod has been shrunk and get his own jet back, he gets pushed out of the ship and is falling to the ground. He scared he is falling to his death until he realizes because of what Tar Gibbons did to his mind, he knows how to used. The intense climax in these chapter will be fun to read while the students follow along. Another chapter with an intense scene will be chapter seventeen and eighteen. Where the aliens and Rod about to trap Billy and in order to stop Rob he shouts “Rod, stop right there! I know what happened to your father! Put me down and I’ll tell you.” (Coville. 1993) Rod pauses believing for a second, until he realizes it will mean hurting hit aliens friends and he realizes the cruelest thing BKR can do is promised him his father. This scene is very intense and powerful worked and a great ways for the climax to

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