Alignment Type And Maturity

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Alignment Type and Maturity Introduction In today’s world enterprise and business always look for transform IT infrastructure services to gain flexibility and scalability. IT always looks for reducing total cost of ownership and bringing competitive solution for an enterprise success. Business are accepting the fact of IT as crucial department and plays an important role and it is necessary to have a strategy which will improve partnership between Business and IT and prepare an organization to sense and act on frequent changing market dynamics. A strategy should align a business and IT in such a way that it helps a company to grow and will transform a processes and IT infrastructure. A strategy can be plan through planned framework and…show more content…
Additionally, Economy plays a major role whenever we planning a strategic alignment. Corporate hierarchy and cultures are also can’t be ignored and there should be a well connectivity between corporate department. All business Unit and its deliverable should be well aligned. Team and individual skills set to deliver technical excellence for any software and product release and planning. Fig -1 Strategic Alignment Model (Henderson and Venkatraman, 199) Above organization model are based on organization structure and its objectives. This model helps an organization alignment to all the objectives. As per Scott Morton (1991) this model helps an organization on the connection between strategy and technology. I too vouch for the similar model for TCS because this helps organization to higher business value. Fig-2 Five forces influencing the organization’s objectives Above fig-1 shows the strategy model has been defined within an organization in such a way that it has been well aligned with the organization structure, management process, technology, individuals and roles. Organisation culture will be well aligned with structure, management process, individuals and roles. This ‘fig’ also presents an environment of external socioeconomic, external technological environment and organisation…show more content…
Alignment must be internal and external to the organization. IT roles and alignment for organization strategy is based on communication, which explores technical and business understanding criteria. This shows that company’s effective communication with consultants, vendors and partners. IT has great contribution on organization learning deliverable and training module for different areas and department. It plays a major role in competency/value measurement for its performance of different projects. It helps organization for evaluation of the project. IT also helps good governance planning by understanding the projects and business strategy. IT partner with the business for any new project and its deliverable will be based on business requirement. For example, IT has to develop a separate and secured environment for banking and Finance sectors project and IT has to manage and adhere all the prerequisites demand by client. IT also defines a process for confidential projects like HR, Finance and Legal. Gaps between technology and
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