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The purpose of this experiment is to create a complete genomic library of Aliivibrio fisheri through the use of the lux operon. The examination of the lux operon gene occurs through the extraction of the DNA of Aliivibrio fischeri and digest a large piece of DNA to smaller random pieces. The fragment of DNA will later be ligated together in plasmid. Plasmid acts as vectors to transport DNA from one organism to another. The DNA will then run through a UV-visible spectrophotometer to test the absorbance of the extracted DNA. Both DNA and RNA has a maximum absorbance of 260 nm. The absorbance of 260/280 should be in between 1.8 and 1.9 to represent a pure sample of DNA. If the reading is higher than 1.9 then there is RNA contamination and if the reading is less than 1.8 there is protein contamination. …show more content…

Since the production of light requires a large amount of energy expenditure, Vibrio fischeri uses quorum sensing to regulate its gene expression after detecting changes in extracellular density[2]. Quorum sensing is used by both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterium [2]. Lux R and lux I are genes encoding proteins that regulates light production[1].Aliivibrio fischeri also forms a symbiotic relationship with animal hosts[3]. Aliivibrio fischeri utilizes the nutrients provided by its host to emit light that is later used by the host for various purposes[3]. The light emitting reaction of Aliivibrio fischeri is catalyzed by

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