Alima Van's Short Story

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Van walked into Alima’s home, hoping to talk to her about the events that took place between her and her counterpart. He wondered if home was the correct terminology to describe this place. The building was plain, a strange shade of grey. Van became familiar to the color grey, he never cared for gray until he came to Herland. Recently however, the color had presented him with a newfound depth, the varying shades told an ancient story overflowing with emotion, a rich history that had deeper roots, relating to the original miraculous childbirth.
Alima was standing still, silently staring out the window. Van’s original plan was to be straightforward and explain how the culpability of this act wasn’t just Terry’s alone, but now being face to face with her, he hesitated. Alima’s calm expressionless demeanor was replaced with restlessness. This was the first time Van had ever seen a woman of Herland with this demeanor, the dark circles under her eyes were also out of place, covering up the power and pride she ordinarily had about her.
This made Van rethink his
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After all Herland’s woman very rarely showed emotion, but now it appeared to flow so freely from her. This was the first time Van was able to see the relationship between Herland’s woman and the woman of his “civilized” world. Terry was finally able to bring one of these honorable woman down to their level and this was shown through her disagreeable nature.
“Do you not see that he loves you!? He did it out of passion, a passion you have never felt and may very well never feel if you send him away!” Van’s voice began to rise and he found himself spitting the words with such power, his words were like a thousand firecrackers exploding with each breath he took, the rhythmic intake of oxygen added more flame to the firecracker
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