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Alina Diaz-Hernandez passed peacefully at home on Thursday, November 4, 2103 in Providence, R.I. at the age of 100. Alina is survived by her spouse, Francisca J. Hernandez Ruiz, her best friend, Elhaisha Tatis, her brother, Elias Diaz, her children and grandchildren, Rosalinda Bella Hernandez Rodriguez, Mariela Angelee Hernandez Mendez, and Jose Antonio Hernandez Mendez. She is preceded in death by her mom ,Leonor Anginette Contreras Guillen, her father, Elvis Diaz, her step father, Jeury Tavares , and her brother Derek Diaz and step brother Deury Tavares. Everyone above was/is a resident of Providence, R.I. Alina was born on January 11th, 2003 in Providence, Rhode Island to Leonor Anginette Contreras Guillen and Elvis Diaz. She graduated

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