Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

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In this essay I will touch on what intrigues me about Alison Bechdel’s creative and powerful art in Fun Home. Specifically this essay will look at a couple of pages that include her most interesting panels in the whole book. I compare the panels to others and discuss the feelings I have toward her choice of drawings and dialogue. By looking closely at and analyzing her artwork, I will show how Bechdel arouses curiosity with only two pages. First I will discuss a few panels on pages 220 and 221 that include Alison talking to her father after she has returned from college. In these panels teenage Alison confronts her father about why he gave her a certain book and wants know if he meant anything by it: “I wondered if you knew what you were doing when you gave me that Colette book,” . In this panel Alison is talking to her father about a book he gave her and trying to lead into the subject of her being a lesbian. She knows her father gave her the book because of her sexuality, but wants to discover whether he consciously knew that was the reason he was giving it to her. I find it interesting that she knows why he gave her the book but insists on asking him if…show more content…
I also think it is interesting because in society coming out can be viewed as either a bad thing that pushes your friends and family away or it can be seen as a wonderful time in someone’s life. For Alison, it happened in a weird way. It is not often you hear a story of someone’s father admitting he is gay because the child came out. It was not a happy and joyous time for Alison but was also not a terrible moment, her confession just kind of happened and lacked
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