Alistair Mcclure: A Short Story

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Surfing Surprises Alistair McClure Water gushed over Joe 's head. There was an eerie sound coming from the depths of the water. Joe realised something big and black was coming his way. Frantically, he scrambled on top of his surfboard and began to paddle faster than a Porsche 911 GTS with lime green paint and chrome wheels. When Joe finally reached the shore, he was breathing like a bloke who had just swam two hundred metres on a surfboard. While Joe was kneeling on the shore, he looked back over his shoulder to see what had chased him. It was the biggest beast in the ocean, a humpback whale! Joe sat on the beach thinking of the huge whale. Sometimes he wished he didn 't have whale phobia, then he would have been able to stay out there…show more content…
A loud shout interrupted Joe 's scary thoughts. "Hey Joe are you coming back out," shouted Jimmy, Joe 's really annoying and stinky brother. Jimmy was two years older than Joe but they would always compete against each other to see who was going to get all the good girls and had the biggest muscles even if Joe 's muscles were only the size of a noodle. Jimmy could beat Joe in almost every sport except for surfing. Joe had been surfing since he was two, but Jimmy had only been surfing since he was five. Jimmy would always chicken out if the competition was for surfing, but any other sport he would always accept the challenge. "No thanks," Joe called back, "I 'm kind of feeling hungry for lunch." Jimmy frowned at Joe, it was not like him to not come out and surf in these conditions. Jimmy tried calling out to Joe again, but he was…show more content…
But Joe was going to stay. This was his chance to overcome his fear of whales. The whale was getting closer. Joe was shaking harder than a baby who had just learnt how to get all the shakes out of his rattle toy. The scary beast was coming up to meet him. WOOSH!! The whale breached out of the water jumping over twenty metres up. Then it came plummeting down. The splash was amazing. It sent Joe all the way back to the beach. Joe was screaming his head off as he plummeted toward the shallows of the water. A second after he had hit the water his backside smashed down on the
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