Alizzabele: A Short Story

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Once there was there was one thing that seems mighty curious is that a young girl lay half asleep in a room that she could never awake and know that she is nowhere in sleeping distance that if she ever awakes and yells for someone that they will never hear her voice shriek or cry. It is her 16 th birthday and isn’t really in the distance for anyone to hear because she had been kidnapped and taken to a place deep and dark that no one will ever hear or find her unless some clues were drop along the way of her disappearance.Her name once was Alizzabele Catriena and it may or may not be anymore cuz no one heard her or anyone at all ever.Now never to know, the family may never see Alizzabele agian seems that the risk is delicately high above…show more content…
Whatever she found and threw at him hit him in the face.[His eye got hit]. Now since she threw something at him and at his eye he is currently half blind. Finally she is thinking [good I did so sort of damage].

Since she did something to him he can’t get around to good can’t even see where he is going she has time to try and get away . Alizzabele made it halfway out the door before he found out her plan to escape. Alizzabele hit him with the back her hand in the face and then grabbed the car keys and stabbed him in the other eye so now he can’t see her so now she is making her get away. She steps outside and notices where she is at.

The moment she notices where she's at, all she can think is [why did he bring me here]? She’s at her old cabin house close by the woods where her parents used to bring and her sister when they were little. They would play around some most of the time in the summer, in the water. They had lots of fun but since her sister was killed a few months back. The family never figured out who really did it but they blame a short distance relative, thinking he had something to do with it so they just discommunicated with the
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