Alka Seltzer's Effect On Chemical Reaction Processes

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The topic that the scientist has researched is the reaction rate of different particle sizes. In the experiment, the scientist will discover how the particle size of Alka Seltzer affects the rate of chemical reaction with water. The independent variable in the experiment is the particle size of the Alka Seltzer, while the dependent variable is the rate of reaction, or the volume of Carbon dioxide. The volume of carbon dioxide will be measured in ml. Also, a few of the constants in the experiment will be the amount of water, and amount of tablets. The hypothesis that the scientist will be testing is that alka seltzer tablets with smaller particles will react faster than tablets with larger particles. This would happen because the water would not have to break down the tablets as much as it would with the tablets with larger particles. Without having to break down the tablet, the water could begin reacting immediately with the tablets having smaller particle size. The scientist will do this by placing tablets of alka seltzer, each with different particle sizes, into water, and measuring the…show more content…
They tested how the temperature would affect the rate of reaction. This was observed by the amount of time it took for the solution to change colors. For many chemical reactions there is an optimum temperature at which the chemicals will react with each other. As was found in their experiment, the temperature affected the rate of reaction. (Deoudes, 2010). With many factors affecting chemical reactions, there is a significant relationship between these factors and the rate that they occur. As seen through many studies and experiments, surface area of solid reactants has a great impact on this rate of reaction. In conclusion, the scientist has learned important relationships and factors involved in the rate of which chemical reactions
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