Alkaline Batteries

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Background Research Without batteries there would be a lot of things we would not be able to use. Life would a lot more different and difficult because that also means no phones. Batteries are very helpful, they power flashlights, remotes for the television, and also cameras. Without them, there would not be any of these things so it is important that the best and longest lasting batteries can be found and used. People could be regularly buying a certain brand of batteries when there is another one sitting there which no one is buying when that brand is actually the best one. There are many different brands of AAA batteries and it can be hard…show more content…
This experiment was done testing whether or not alkaline batteries would last longer than non-alkaline batteries by putting the two battery types in two separate flashlights until only one flashlight was left. Alkaline batteries do not have any acidic paste and also different ingredients than non-alkaline batteries, so that could be a reason why one of them may last longer than another one ( flashlight that had lasting the longest was the one that had the alkaline batteries in them. This happened because of a chemical reaction with the batteries. “...where new chemicals are formed on both sides of the battery. In general, the more chemicals a battery has that can change into other chemicals, the longer it lasts, and this is partly what explains why alkaline batteries have a slight chemical advantage over their non-alkaline counterparts.’’ ( Because of this, the alkaline batteries lasted longer than the non-alkaline batteries. The batteries chosen for this experiment are also alkaline batteries so it was already a good idea to use these types of batteries if they last longer than non-alkaline…show more content…
Each brand of battery was placed in its own flashlight and turned on at the same time and were on until there was only one flashlight was left. They were turned on before that person went to bed and observed the flashlights in the morning.The brand Eveready only lasted six hours and thirty-five minutes, but was a non-alkaline battery unlike the other three. The Duracell brand lasted for fifteen hours, the Energizer brand lasted twenty-two hours and fifteen minutes, and the Rayovac brand lasted twenty-four to twenty-four and a half hours. Clearly the Rayovac brand lasted the longest and lasted about four times longer than the Eveready brand. The experiment will prove whether or not that experiment was accurate because at the bottom of the page it says “Some flashlights were accidentally dropped, which could have caused differences in the results. The expiration dates of the batteries were not all the same (there was a difference of a few months); so some batteries may not have been as "fresh" as the newer ones.” (Battery Life -- A Science Experiment). Because of this, the results of the experiment may not be completely
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