Morquies Test For Alkaloids

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Table: 2 1. Chemicals used: Sl.No CHEMICAL GRADE SUPPLIER 1. ETHANOL AR ALDRICH 2. HEXANE LR MERK 3. ACETONE LR SD FINE 4. SILICA GEL LR SISCO 5. HYDROCHLORIC ACID LR SD FINE 6. METHANOL LR SD FINE 7. CHLOROFORM LR SD FINE 8. MORQUIES REAGENT AR SD FINE 9. MAYERS REAGENT AR MERK 10. DRAGENDORFFS REAGENT AR SD FINE 11. PICRIC ACID AR ALDRICH 12. POTTASSIUM IODIDE AR ALDRICH 13. AMMONIA AR ALDRICH 14. BROMINE WATER AR ALDRICH The following tests were carried out. Tests for alkaloids a. Morquies test: For detecting the alkaloids 2-3 gms of the sample was ground with sufficient chloroform to make slurry. Ammonical chloroform was added and the mixture was stirred for one minute. Extraction of alkaloids from choloroform was accomplished by shaking…show more content…
2 ml of drug solution was added with the reagent and colour was observed. Appearance of reddish brown precipitate showed the presence of alkaloids. e. Wagners test: Wagners reagent is a solution of Kl3 in water. It was prepared by dissolving 1.3 gm of I2 in a solution of Kl (2 gm) in water and made in to 100 ml. 2 ml of drug solution was added with the reagent and colour was observed Red coloured precipitate showed the presence of alkaloids. Test for Quinine (Bromine - ammonia test) To about 10 ml of (1 gm in 1000) solution of sample was added with 0.25 ml of Br2/H2O and shaken well. Then about 2 ml of dil.NH3 solution was added. No bright colouration showed the absence of quinine. Test for Morphine (Iodic acid test) Morphine liberates iodine from iodic acid which gives blue colouration. 2 ml of sample solution, acidified with sulphuric acid was added to a solution of KlO3 containing starch. Absence of deep blue colouration. Test for Terpenoids (Leibermann Buchard test): 2 ml of drug solution was dissolved in chloroform and to these 2 drops of acetic anhydride was added and concentrated sulphuric acid was added along the sides of the test tube and the colour was observed. Appearance of red colour indicated the presence of…show more content…
The mixture was allowed to stand for half an hour. Then 5 ml of hydrochloric acid and 5 ml of nitric acid was added and allowed to stand for 1 hour. The content was evaporated on hot plate to dryness. The excess of iodine was removed by adding hydrochloric acid. The residue was dissolved in boiling water and 15 ml of 25 % Ba Cl2 was added. Then allowed to stand for overnight. The precipitate was filtered through Whatman no 41 filter paper. The filter paper with residue was kept in a pre-weighed crucible and ignited in a muffle furnace. From the weight of the residue, the percentage of sulphur in the drug was

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