All About That Bass Analysis

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422-2222, do you know Frank DeLima has a message for you. The comedian, Frank DeLima has come to Kapolei Middle School and taught the important things that students need to take care of. He has given a lesson with a hilarious act for the children. During his performance, DeLima talks about the importance of education. He was educated at Damien Memorial School . He explains a time when, the school forced him to take Spanish and thought it was “useless.” He had no choice but to take two years of Spanish. As soon he got older he had to teach a class full of Mexican children that only spoke Spanish. He refreshed his memory about what he learned in Spanish and used what he was taught. Mr.DeLima then states “Nothing that your teachers teach you, is…show more content…
In his experience, when he saw his friends that did drugs, he realized that they chose a harder life for themselves. His friends had cancer and it was a horrible life to live in. Taking care of your health is a big part of what future you will have. DeLima's performance also concluded parodies that the students recognized. DeLima sang a parody of “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. The chorus was “I’m all about that weight, no belly.” This song were about staying healthy physically. It states about eating fresh vegetables and fruits. It had a great response from the audience. Frank DeLima also made a song based on "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. The lyrics of the song was about the things that made him happy in life. The students absolutely loved the parody that they started clapping to the beat. DeLima left a strong impression by singing his parody on "Watch Me" by Silentó. DeLima comes out dressed as a sumo wrestler and starts dancing to the music. He rips off the cloth that was wrapped around the suit, relieving the mawashi or the gear that sumo wrestler usually wear. He goes up to the students, giving a tremendous amount of laughter from the
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